About Image One Technologies

Image One Technologies® was started in 1997 by two people with different backgrounds. G.Michael Keller, President of Keller Marine and RV, a wholesaler of Marine and RV accessories and Jerry Mulder, General Manager of DEMCO Printing, and past president of the Agfa Colorscape User's Group for the Agfa Corporation, a division of Bayer USA.

Image One Technologies® came together because Keller was maintaining multiple databases to resource his business: a Host Computer System database for core business functions, a CD ROM Catalog database used by Keller Dealers to purchase accessories, and a Page Layout Database for the 1200 page printed catalog, produced annually. Keller also realized that a fourth database format was about to emerge for use with the Internet. In a classic case of necessity being the mother of invention, he pursued all the people and technology available at the time to find a firm that could provide a total solution. With the help of Commerce One Corporation, he figured out how to use a database to produce an electronic CD catalog. But he still had to determine how to print his catalogs and develop a web presence resourced by that same database. Aware of Mulder's working knowledge of computers, printing, publishing and web design, Keller contacted him regarding printing a catalog and developing a web site resourced by one database. Following many long hours of wrestling with the issue and coming up with a workable solution, Keller and Mulder decided to form Image One Technologies®. Together they decided to use their knowledge of computer programming, printing, publishing and web site design to save companies many long hours of time and frustration. And so, Image One Technologies® was born.

With the new corporation in place Keller and Mulder worked quickly to build a team of professionals to assist Image One Technologies® in becoming a front running company in the software development process. Strategic Alliances with knowledgeable individuals and successful organizations were developed keeping Image One Technologies® on the cutting edge of technology. From the creation of one accurate database to its expression through electronic or printed media, Image One Technologies® will provide the answers and the necessary leadership for successful project completion.

Image One Technologies® is the timely solution, helping companies use one (1) database source to drive their electronic catalogs, printed catalogs and E-Commerce solutions.