Products and Services

Image One Technologies® can create a system which will work together with your existing mainframe and legacy systems in order to provide a more powerful and accurate database for you to work with. Our system can be configured to share data with your existing accounting system to download pricing information, new products and update the availability and available stock of your existing inventory. The data will be maintained in a database, which provides a central storage facility for your staff to update data and add pictures or other information to your products. This data can be used to drive a printed catalog, cd based multimedia catalog, or directly drive your website or E-Commerce solution. This central database can also be used to hold electronic orders place via the CD Based Multimedia Catalog or from your E-Commerce solution, allowing your company to fulfill electronic orders. This reduces the staff load by directly placing most orders, only requiring personnel to invervene in special instances.

Image One Technologies can connect to many different systems including:

  • Inventory Systems
  • Accounting Systems
  • Mainframes
  • SAP® Systems
  • Legacy Cobol Applications

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